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Employment in Singapore for Foreigners

There are many opportunities for foreigners seeking employment in Singapore. Employers and the Singapore government encourages foreigners who have the right talents and skilled to work in Singapore. However, foreigners must first find an employer who wants to employ them and then apply for the right employment pass.

There are various types of passes suitable for professionals to unskilled workers. We strategically placed to help foreigners to seek employment in Singapore. Also, with Asia’s economies rebounding, many companies are hiring. The outlook is good. The fundamental are strong and new emphasis on hiring spells hope for many job seekers.

The upswing in business has been discernible since the last quarter of 2003, and is now gaining momentum. The pace is certainly faster. The prospects are brighter for foreigners seeking employment in Singapore. We are upbeat of the prospect and many companies have been making enquiries for potential foreigners.

Although the Singapore government is tightening rules for foreigners, they welcome talents and skilled workers for various industries with the right qualifications and experiences. Based on hiring patterns, firms are on a hiring spree.

The manufacturing sector especially the Oil &Gas industries are looking for Mechanical Engineers. There is a positive outlook for skills in the Oil & Gas Industry. Worldwide growth and higher salaries indicate a strong demand for skill in this sector. In Singapore, the Oil & Gas market is picking up. More than two thirds of the employers surveyed in Asia said that they are expecting staff levels to rise again the next twelve months.

The Tourism, Retail and Service sectors are always on the look-out to hire skilled people. Singapore two Casinos are always looking for people. Apart from these, there are many Small, Medium Enterprise local companies as well as foreign companies are hiring. Hence, employment opportunities for foreigners are excellent.

Foreign workers have shown employers that they are hungry for jobs. The employment landscape is ideal for foreign employment. Whatever your interests and ideal jobs are, there are always opportunities working in Singapore. All you need to do is connect to us for a small fee and we will do the rest for you.

Time and tide wait for no man. Do not procrastinate. Send us your resume and we will connect with you shortly.

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Thank I manage to get to work in Singapore using their huge network of Jobs in Singapore. They are very reliable and fast response

- Mr Alex Hyuh (Myanmar)


Well done! I am more than happy to find a employeer in Singapore so fast! My applications was processed almost instantly. Really appreciate staffs!

- Mrs Yani (Philippines)

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